How To Be Beautiful Naturally

How to be beautiful naturally

The One Thing We Must Do To Be Startlingly Beautiful Is To Get Our Daily Minerals

Natural beauty depends on mineralization. If we are mineral deficient, we can’t help but age rapidly. Acne, dry skin, delayed wound healing, easy scarring, rashes, wrinkles, hair loss, poor eyesight and skin disorders are the result of imbalances in our body due to lack of essential minerals.

The most beautiful indigenous people on the Earth can be found in locations where there is an abundance of mineral rich foods. Consider the Scandinavians who live beneath the glaciers and  are known far and wide for their effortless, youthful beauty. The Africans from mineral rich volcanic regions, the Pacific Islanders and Native Americans on their indigenous diets are all people of startling appearance with strong symmetrical structures, smooth complexion and powerful eyes.

Forget expensive stem cell products, bird nest soup, deer placenta and risky aesthetic procedures. Achieve youthful natural beauty with essential minerals.

Getting minerals For Natural radiant beauty

Minerals are required for rejuvenation and beauty, but the human body can only receive minerals that are in an assimilable form. All minerals come from the earth’s soil. As plants grow, minerals are absorbed from the soil through their root systems. Non-living minerals from the earth are then transformed inside the plants cells into “living” minerals which our bodies can utilize. Generally, we received minerals into our body through a diet of plants, and meats of animals that eat plants. We also take in minerals from dissolved ionic minerals in our drinking water from natural water sources.

To be beautiful naturally, you need essential beauty minerals 

The beauty minerals are essentially silicon, sulphur, zinc and iron.

Essential beauty mineral #1: SIlicon

Silicon is a very important mineral for bone health, and is also essential for healthy hair, nails, teeth, tendons, ligaments and arteries. It regulates bio-electricity imparted through electrolyte salts in the blood. A silicon-rich diet in children leads to healthy teeth and jaw formation. It helps prevent cavities and bleeding gums. Numerous conditions including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, heart disease, emphysema, and diverticulitis are the results of insufficient silicon. Silicon deficiencies are also responsible for wrinkles and cellulite since silica is essential for elastin formation, which helps keep the skin from sagging. Silicon increases the thickness and strength of the skin, hair and nails. Silicon rich foods include spinach, burdock root, oats, alfalfa, radish, bamboo shoots and romaine lettuce.

Essential beauty mineral #2: Sulphur

Sulphur is an important major mineral and is foundational for all beauty. Adequate sulphur intake produces a lustre radiance on the complexion, smooth skin and healthy hair. It provides elasticity, movement and repair within our muscle tissues while possibly eliminating muscle, leg and back cramps. Sulphur is fundamental component in the synthesis of collagen and keratin in the body. It gives strength, shape and elasticity to skin, nail and hair tissues as well as structure, flexibility and resilience to cartilage, bone, ligaments and tendons. Sulphur is the most beautifying nutrient for the body. Bathing in hot springs containing sulphur greatly enhances the beauty of the skin and hair. Sulphur residue foods, commonly recognized by their characteristic spicy and heating effect includes onions, garlic, horseradish, bee pollen, cabbage, durian, hot chillis, peppers, kale, broccoli, mustard leaves and brussels sprouts.

Essential beauty mineral #3: Zinc

Zinc is required for healthy skin, sexual development and fertility. It promotes cell growth, tissue repair as well as assist the liver in detoxification. It works synergically with vitamins and sulphur to build strong hair. Zinc increases male potency and sex drive and is necessary for the health of the reproductive system for both men and women. It helps to increase sexual energy, creating more attractiveness and appeal. It is also known to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks and repair DNA damages. The best sources of zinc comes from pumpkin seeds, cashews, pine nuts, coconuts, spirulina, seaweeds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, pecans and sesame seeds.

Essential beauty mineral #4: Iron

Iron is a very active element in the human body. It is in the centre of the haemoglobin molecule in the red blood cell that carries oxygen throughout the body. An iron deficiency creates a low level of blood oxygenation, affecting respiration and cell nourishment. Iron rich blood produces an appealing flame-like tint just under the skin and is said to be the source of magnetism and charisma. The best iron rich foods are Jerusalem artichokes, onions, burdock root, cherries, blackberries, collards, shallots, young swiss chard, parsley, dark green leafy vegetables, spinach and sea vegetables.

Beautiful is the real you!

Beauty is the default mode of every human being because we are made in the image of the Divine. People speak about getting beauty, but beauty is within you. Align yourself with the rhythm of nature, restore that internal balance through hydration, mineralization and cleanliness and step into the real you! Your natural stage is beautiful!

Tips on how to be beautiful naturally

Here’s our guide on how to achieve that balance and to be beautiful naturally.

1)  Eat a wide variety of organic foods grown on mineral rich soils.

Besides being higher in mineral and vitamin content, they have less toxic chemical residues. Ensure that you have generous daily helpings of foods rich in beauty minerals for healthy skin and hair. Sea vegetables such as kelp, nori and wakami are rich in minerals as well as iodine content. Include them regularly in your meals.

2) Say No to processed foods that are devoid of nutrients

Avoid demineralized foods including white flour, white rice, white sugar, refined ‘table’ salt and all artificial or chemical foods.

3) Maintain an invincible gut with healthy stomach acid levels

Healthy levels of acids in the stomach will help to absorb more minerals from the food we eat. Avoid drinking copious amounts of alkaline water which will weaken our stomach acids. If necessary take probiotics, enzyme supplements or other digestive aids to ensure that food is broken down thoroughly so as to obtain the most minerals from the food.

4) Take a full spectrum mineral supplement

If desired, take a full spectrum mineral supplement such as Adya Clarity or a plant-derived mineral extract. Beware of colloidal mineral supplements derived from ‘earth deposits’. These are impossible to be absorbed into the body and can cause other problems such as heavy metal toxicity and calcification.

5) Drink nature’s pure, clean mineral water

Avoid drinking distilled or reversed osmosis water as they are empty of all minerals. and tend to dissolve substances it comes into contact with. They draw minerals from stores within our body such as the bones, resulting in mineral loss.

Drink clean mineral water from a good natural source or created your own mineral water from filtered tap water using Adya Clarity ionic sulphate mineral extract. Adya Clarity treated water presents a full spectrum of more than 60 ionic minerals that are essential for a healthy beautiful body. Minerals not only nourishes and build up trillions of cells in our body but promotes effective detoxification and internal cleanliness.

You can also enjoy a rejuvenating hot tub soak everyday using Adya Clarity to promote beautiful radiant skin.

You can take the first step to a more beautiful you with Adya Clarity sulphate mineral extract.

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