Nature’s Best Water Purifier

tree on biotite rockNature’s Best Water Purifier is a Mineral Rock: Learn how it can heal your water & YOU

Nature has her own water purifier which has kept our oceans, rivers and springs pure and clean since time began. Before rampant pollution comes into the scene and upsets whole ecosystems, a rich mineral rock called biotite maintains clean water throughout the earth. This rock is nature’s best water purifier that has stood the test of time.

Now, we can use nature’s best water purifier to heal our water as well as ourselves. Japanese Water Researcher Dr Asao Shimanishi has discovered and used this method to clean up entire lakes and convert grossly polluted water to clean drinking water. This is the technology behind Adya Clarity’s water purification products.

Adya Clarity Water Purification Technology differs from other water purification methods. Without artificial manipulation of water such as electrolysis or membrane technology,  Adya Clarity restores water to its most pure and pristine state by using nature’s own water healing code.  It is able to activate the water’s natural ability to cleanse itself of all kinds of contaminants and returns water to its most invigorating and regenerating form.

Like the water we find in healing hot springs and mineral springs, this kind of water is known to restore your internal balance by supplying required minerals that nourish your body as well as detoxify your body of accumulated toxins. The result is vibrant good health and a balanced spirit.

How This Japanese Doctor Discovered Nature’s Best Water Purifier & Cracked the Code to Healing Water

After the World War II atomic disaster in Japan, Dr Asao Shimanishi was commissioned to find a way to clean up the radio-active waste. One day in 1968 while he was sitting by a beach he noticed a tree growing out of a rock against the picturesque ocean backdrop.
There was something very peculiar about this tree. He wondered how it could survive on a rock. So, he decided to study this rock the tree was growing out of. The rock contain biotite, or ‘Black Mica’, a powerful combination of earth’s naturally occurring sulfate minerals, embedded in granite.

For 20 years, Dr Shimamishi worked with black mica and discovered that it is indeed nature’s best water purifier. It has a high concentration of ionic sulfate minerals which have magnetic properties. When added to water, these ionic minerals cause water to restructure itself and in the process push out of its molecular clusters all chemical and natural contaminants. Dr. Shimanishi created a patented process (U.S. patent 4,776,963) to extract these minerals from biotite for water purification. He named his extract Super Mineral Solution, which has since been rebranded as Adya Clarity.

Dr Shimanishi became the leading authority on the treatment and purification of polluted water in Japan. His extraordinary discovery has been used in the treatment of raw sewage and waste water for use in agriculture, horticulture and aquatics.

Proven Purifying Abilities Of Black Mica, Nature’s Best Water Purifier

Because this black mica extract works with nature, it doesn’t just remove contaminants from your water. It neutralizes everything and turns it harmless to the human body. This extract has been tested and proven by US EPA certified laboratories to remove

Adya Clarity water technology is based on natural and water science that is as old as the Earth itself. Drinking processed water such as reverse osmosis water and alkaline ionised water has long term ramifications. However, pure, structured mineral water is what nature provides for all living things. This is what nature tells us that we need. With Adya Clarity you can drink clean, structured and oxygenated water daily. Adya Clarity is nature’s best water purifier.


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