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Press Release


Dorea Pte Ltd Announces Launch of Adya Clarity Water Purification Products in Singapore

June 26, 2014 – Singapore – Dorea Pte Ltd proudly announces the launch of the Adya Clarity water purification products for the first time in Asia. The Adya Clarity purifying solution is an all-natural mineral extract which has the powerful innate ability to remove dissolved chemical and biological contaminants in water. It has been tested and is EPA certified in the United States. This mineral extract also supplies a full spectrum of ionic, bio-available minerals in drinking water. The result is natural, great tasting water that is mineral rich, hydrating, and detoxifying.

Water is key to life, hydrating trillions of cells in the body, delivering nutrients, clearing out toxins and is the carrier of bio-electric energy. According to a famous Slovakian proverb, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” Now with Adya Clarity, the average Asian person can have access to the most natural, healing mineral water for only $0.60 a day.

Whether traveling or living in an Asian country, drinking unpurified tap water can present several health hazards. Tap water can contain chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, aluminum, pesticides, bacteria, and other deadly toxins. This can cause health issues including birth defects, dementia, heart problems, and cancer.

“Adya Clarity is a profound, revolutionary discovery that will potentially save lives and transform the health of millions in Asia,” said Rosalind Tan, Managing Director, Dorea Pte Ltd. “In our 21st century world, even with advanced medical procedures and facilities, we are a generation of people with substandard health. Adya Clarity can help to correct deficiencies and enhance one’s ability to detoxify, and achieve optimal health.”

Besides the Adya Clarity purifying solution, Dorea Pte Ltd also offers the Adya Clarity Water Filtration System, which has a 5 liter capacity, as well as ceramic and carbon filter replacements.
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About Dorea Pte Ltd.
Dorea Pte Ltd is the master distributor of Adya Clarity Water Purification Products in Asia. Besides marketing and promoting this revolutionary water purification system, the people at Dorea are also natural health advocates, authors and bloggers.

Rosalind Tan
Managing Director, Dorea Pte Ltd