Saving Our Children From Autism and Other Childhood Disorders


saving our children from autism

The Causes of Autism and How to Protect Our Children From It

The world is seeing a disturbing emergence of childhood conditions of unprecedented proportions. Developmental learning & behavioural disorders in the form of Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and Hyperactivity have invaded many households, claiming the bodies and minds of our children.

The number of children receiving special education services continues to rise steeply. The current rate of such disorders is undeniably alarming. Over the past 20 years, there has been a 6000 percent increase in autism in the US, supposedly the world’s most advanced nation, with an estimate of 1.5 million American children being diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorders.[1] Recent reports indicate that one in 88 US children are affected. [2]

“If autism does not affect your family now, it is almost a mathematical certainty that it will in the future.” Dr Andrew Wakefield, author Callous Disregard

Autism In Singapore

Exact statistics are not available for Singapore, but the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) conservatively estimates that more than 31,000 individuals have autism here. Twenty SPED (Special Education) schools cater for about 5000 autistic students, and every centre has a long waiting list.[3]

Under the Singapore government’s “many helping hands” approach, a number of children with special needs including autistic children, have been integrated into the mainstream schools to provide opportunities for meaningful interactions and acceptance of these children in society. In several schools, up to 10% of the annual student enrolment are special needs children. Special remedial programs with specialized teachers have been implemented to help these children “catch up”, but progress can be painfully slow.

Incidences of autism and the 4-A disorders increasing globally

In the US alone, we also see an exponential increase in the number of incidences of childhood allergies and asthma. 6 million US children have being diagnosed with asthma. Asthma deaths have increased despite better care for acute asthmatic crisis. Allergies in children have also skyrocketed with an estimated 200 deaths from allergies every year.[1]

Children with autism are usually also plagued with various forms of allergies. Experts point out the connections between autism, ADHD, asthma and allergies and term them collectively as the childhood epidemics of the 4-A disorders. They have the same root causes which are environmental assaults on the yet immature immune and gastrointestinal systems of the very young.

In a recently published study in the journal Biological Trace Element Research, Arizona State University researchers report that children with autism had higher levels of several toxic metals in their blood and urine compared to typical children.[4] They hypothesize that reducing early exposure to toxic metals may help lessen symptoms of autism.

Causes of Autism and the A4 Childhood Disorders

Environmental pollution

Widespread pollution and the prevalence of toxins in our air, food and water have contributed significantly to the skyrocketing incidences of childhood disorders including autism. It is estimated that close to 300,000 tons of toxic heavy metals are released annually into the atmosphere due to worldwide fuel oil combustion and industrial processes. These damaging substances in the air affect the nervous systems of foetuses and young children, resulting in lowered IQs and learning problems. .

Open smokestacks in Leominster, Massachusetts for instance, have brought into existence shockingly high number of “autism clusters”.

These pollutants, dispersed into the air as invisible particles, are blown by the winds and widely circulated. They also rain down from the atmosphere in sufficient quantities into water bodies to enter into aquatic plants and the food chain.

Nutritional deficiencies

A lack of essential nutrients in the daily diet of our children is also a factor in the exponential increase in the prevailing childhood conditions among our young population. The standard American diet has infiltrated even eastern cultures and has spread to the cities of the world. High consumption of white flour, soda and processed food, which are devoid of essential nutrients, thwarts the development of young bodies and minds. As a result our children suffer chronic nutritional deficiencies, and their bodies are not able to properly protect, detoxify and repair themselves.

causes of autism

Childhood vaccinations

Another factor, though controversial, has been brought to the attention of the public since renowned public health advocates began to write extensively about it. The increased number of childhood vaccinations has been implicated in the tidal wave of childhood disorders in recent years.

A form of mercury preservative called thimerosal is used in the manufacture of vaccines to prevent bacterial contamination. Mercury is a very effective antibacterial but is especially damaging to the brain and human nervous system. Only in 2001 was thimerosal gradually phased out of vaccine because of the outcry of thousands of concerned parents. However, much damage may have already been done. Even so, flu shots still contain mercury and are recommended to children above six months old, as well as pregnant mothers.

Additionally, immune adjuvants, which are agents added to invoke an intense immune response, contain aluminum compounds which are also very harmful to the brain. Moreover, the number of immunizations has increased to twenty or more within the first eighteen months of a baby’s life. The cumulative toxicity of the vaccines administered within a short period of time can be a tremendous assault to the child’s immature immune system, leading to the onset of autism and other childhood conditions such as ADHD, asthma and allergies.

Preventing Autism By Protecting the bodies and brains of our children

Reduce exposure to environmental toxins

A safe indoor environment with good air quality can go a long way toward limiting exposure to environmental toxins for our young children. Besides enlivening our home environment with an abundance of healthy negative air ions from plants and effective ventilation, we should also avoid using chemical cleaning products or liquid and aerosol detergents which are great causes of indoor pollution. Children and toddlers are closer to the floor and often explore on all fours, thus routinely ingesting and inhaling toxic chemicals used in cleaning products.

The 4A disorders are conditions of a weakened body with a compromised immune system, the result of repeated assault from exposure to chemicals.

Encourage them to drink sufficient water

Water is one of the most important nutrients for  children. However, according to a study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, more than 70 percent of preschool  children never drink plain water. Children need water for cell growth and 75 percent of the cell volume during growth is water. Thus, children should always have unlimited access to pure, clean and high quality drinking water full of the minerals that will keep them healthy.

Water transports nutrients and waste for cellular nourishment and detoxification respectively. Natural ionic minerals present in good water aid in the detoxification of heavy metals and other toxic brain damaging substances from the body. This is important for eliminating substances that contribute to symptoms of autism.

Adya Clarity minerals, for instance, have the innate ability to purge heavy metals and other unnecessary minerals from the body. Extensive tests conducted on a large number of volunteers at the Hippocrates Health Institute attest to the effectiveness of these minerals in removing heavy metals from the body. After taking Adya Clarity mineral supplement for several months, the participants reported having received many great benefits of the multiple minerals which addressed deficiencies as well as detoxified the body of substances that contribute to an array of health concerns.[5]

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Administer vaccination within reasonable safety boundaries

Dr Kenneth Bock, author of Healing the New Childhood Epidemics, Autism, ADHD, Asthma & Allergies recommends safer vaccination, administered properly to healthy children over an extended time period. No vaccination is completely free of risk. If an elder sibling has autism, extra caution should be exercised when immunizing your child. In addition:

  • Postpone the vaccination if your child is ill, or was ill within the past week
  • Do not vaccinate your child if he is experiencing an allergic response until all allergic symptoms have cleared
  • Insist on vaccinations without thimerosal
  • Monitor your child for adverse reactions after the immunization. Contact your doctor immediately if there are any symptoms of illness
  • Breast feed your infant to confer immunity while his/her immune system is still underdeveloped

By addressing metabolic and environmental issues, we effectively tackle the root causes of autism and other prevailing childhood problems.  Autism and other childhood disorders are far from being primarily genetic. They are the result of the assaults of recent environmental changes on genetic vulnerabilities. As 21st century parents, we must be vigilant in protecting our children from such environmental threats by building up their young bodies with love and nutrition which includes fresh air and healing mineral water.

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