Simple Water Filter Yields Healthy Mineral Water

Adya Clarity water filterKorean made gravity fed water filter effectively removes contaminants to produce clean tasty mineral water

Installing a water filter in your kitchen is the first step to providing safe, healthy drinking water for your family. There are many kinds of water filters in the market using different filtration methods. Some are incorporated in expensive water treatments systems with electrolysis and membrane technologies. However, healthy drinking water can made available without costing an arm and a leg.

At only a fraction of the cost of some exorbitantly priced water systems, this simple Korean made gravity fed water filter performs better than most conventional water filters, and when used with the Adya Clarity mineral extract produces mineral water of exceptional quality and taste.

Having been tested and certified to industry standards by the US Water Quality Association, we are happy to adopt this water filter as our own Adya Clarity Water Filtration System.

Adya Clarity Water Filter takes out harmful contaminants From Tap Water.

Tap water contains trace amounts of drugs, antibiotics and hormones which modern municipal sewage treatment plants are unable to completely remove. Water treatment chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine and fluorides have also been found to have a cumulative toxic effect on your body. They can cause unpredictable damage to your health over time. Worn out pipes, accidents and deteriorating ecology also contribute to questionable water quality from the tap.

This free standing, gravity fed water filter system does not require electricity and is BPA free. It is affordable and effective in removing impurities from tap water. It comprises of the Micro Ceramic Filter and the 4-Layer Earth Filter incorporating 5 powerful natural technologies to remove man-made chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals and other organic compounds that contribute to bad taste and odors.

Adya Clarity Mineral Extract adds essential and trace ionic minerals.

The Adya Clarity mineral extract supplies a full spectrum of ionic minerals that are vital for vibrant health. When added to water, these minerals have a powerful water purifying effect. Harmful contaminants including pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, bacteria, e-coli, chlorine and fluorides are precipitated out of solution. When the resulting mineral water is consumed, these minerals bring about a cleansing, detoxifying and decalcifying effect on the body, at the same time addressing deficiencies in the body. Adya Clarity treated water has amazing healing properties, being structured by the minerals to form hexagonal water clusters which are characteristic of pristine water from natural mineral-rich healing springs of the world.

Adya Clarity Water Filter when used with the Adya Clarity mineral extract produces top quality drinking water which is essential for a happy healthy family.

Anyone can create delicious tasting water in their own home while also eliminating plastic bottles and landfill waste. There is also no excessive waste of water as compared to water treatment by reverse osmosis or water ionization systems. Besides, drinking electrically ionized water and RO water over time may create serious imbalances within the body.

water filter

In summary, here are the reasons why our simple water filter is the preferred water filter for the home:

  • It is easy to install
  • It is so affordable
  • It does not require electricity
  • It does not waste water
  • It is made from BPA free materials so it does not leach harmful chemicals into your water
  • Used in conjunction with Adya Clarity mineral extract, it creates clean, healthy, tasty, mineral water

The Adya Clarity water filter system is extremely easy to assemble. Before putting the parts together, immerse the ceramic filter and 4 layer earth filter totally in water for about 30 minutes. After assembling, fill the top tank to full capacity with tap water and let it stand until all the water is filtered. Discard the filtered water and refill the top tank with tap water. Repeat the filtration process to thoroughly flush the new filters. Discard the filtered water the second time.

Now your water filter is ready to create healthy mineral water for the family.

You can get your water filter and other Adya Clarity products here!


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