Adya Clarity Usage Guidelines

Using Adya Clarity For mineral therapy

Like most natural therapies, continuous, consistent use of Adya Clarity drops, at least 2-4 weeks, is recommended for one to feel the full effects of the product. It is best to drink Adya Clarity treated water exclusively, and generously, at least 64 ounces per day, preferably more or as needed depending on your daily activity.

The recommended amount of water is ½ oz of water for every pound of body weight which can range from 64 – 128 oz. for most people in a 24 hr period. Please check your water intake requirement using our water calculator here.

Using Adya Clarity on the go

Add 5-10 drops of Adya Clarity to 8 ounces of water, stir and wait a couple minutes before drinking. If your starting water is tap, alkaline or municipal water, you can place 10 drops in 8 ounces of water. If your starting water is reverse osmosis or distilled, you can put less drops.

Using Adya Clarity at home

Add 1 teaspoon of Adya Clarity to 1 gallon of water and let sit overnight to let the minerals work its way through the entire body of water. It would be ideal to use a glass water dispenser that is large enough to hold a gallon of water. This procedure works well if your starting water is distilled or reverse osmosis water.

**A note on your starting water…
When tap, municipal or alkaline water is treated by Adya Clarity, there will be precipitation of the
contaminants (rendered harmless by Adya Clarity) and you may see these inert sediments at the bottom of the container. Many people do not find this favorable and thus, we recommend the use of our Water Filtration Unit, The 4-stage filters will collect all the precipitation and sediments to create a cleaner, more balanced, fresh tasting and spring-like mineral water.

If you feel that your starting water is remarkably substandard, you may add more Adya Clarity, i.e.
double the recipe, 2 teaspoons instead of 1 teaspoon in a gallon or 20 drops instead of 10 drops in an 8 oz. glass.

It will be fine to use Adya Clarity with reverse osmosis water in BPA-free dispensers. If the R/O is really pure, there shouldn’t be any agglutination (fall out or sediments) in the water after adding Adya Clarity.

Using Adya Clarity with the Water Filtration Unit

Fill up the top chamber of the filtration unit with tap water, reverse osmosis or distilled water. Add 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity minerals. The earth-based carbon 4-stage filter will catch all the sediments and agglutinated substances to create a more balanced, spring-like quality mineral water – which will end up in the lower chamber which has a spout that you can dispense it from.

Please also refer to the Water Filtration Unit Manual.

Mineral Foot Bath

Add 1 tablespoon of Adya Clarity into a foot soak basin and soak for at least a half hour.

Whole Body Mineral Bath

Add 1 oz of Adya Clarity into your bathtub filled with water and soak for at least 15 minutes.

Hot Tub

Add 2 to 4 bottles of the 32 oz. bottles of Adya Clarity to your 500 gallon hot tub with new water. This should last for 8 months. Cover hot tub when not in use. Drain tub occasionally.

Press Release

Other Adya Clarity Uses

Adya Clarity can be used in many ways:
– as a rejuvenative health supplement
– for emergency and disaster relief kits
– for travel, hiking and camping
– for cleansing and detoxification (foot and whole body mineral baths)
– to wash vegetables and fresh produce (soak in Adya treated water for at least 5 minutes)
– as a fertilizer in organic gardening, farming and agriculture
– for Jacuzzis and pools (lasts for 8 months; if used with the wrong plumbing leaks will begin to occur, the minerals attack the glue in PVC and ABS, use of PEX is more ideal)
– for nonprofits and organizations that help villages, communities, 3rd world countries that need healthy drinking water
– to clean up lakes, rivers, polluted bodies of water (additional equipment is needed when treating large bodies of water, like a micro-bubbler [aeration to get agglutination to rise] and a skim boom [to remove agglutination from the surface])

Watch how Dr Shimanishi cleans an entire lake with thee minerals here.

Storage Guidelines

Adya Clarity has an indefinite shelf life when stored properly. Keep at a stable temperature, not freezing or overheating the container it is stored in, and keep out of direct light especially sunlight.

Storage temperature would be best somewhere between 45o – 95o Fahrenheit – a stable temperature is the best.

Heat does not affect the efficacy of Adya Clarity or Adya water, thus the minerals are still intact when Adya-treated water is heated to use for tea or coffee. It is due to the container/bottle that Adya Clarity is stored in that limits any temperature extremes. HDPE is stable to store the minerals provided if the plastic doesn’t experience any temperature extremes, like freezing or overheating.

Using Adya Clarity with Medications

Some mineral salts can affect the absorption of certain medications, mostly antibiotics. Ask your doctor, healthcare provider, or pharmacist to check whether any of your meds require avoidance of certain mineral salts for a period of time before/after taking meds. The mineral salts in Adya Clarity are in sulfate form.

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