The Ugly Un-truths About Adya

There have been certain negative slander and fear-instilling lies on the internet discrediting Adya Clarity resulting in confusion regarding its safety and efficacy.

To set the record straight, here are the truths about Adya Clarity and its amazing healing abilities.

1) Adya Clarity is an approved water purification solution

Adya Clarity is a natural blend of purified water and concentrated ionic sulfate minerals approved for water purification purposes. The Adya mineral extraction and water purification processes are protected under U.S Patent 4,776,963.

2) Adya Clarity is clinically proven and tested to be 100% SAFE for human consumption.

Adya Clarity is fully approved and licensed as a Natural Health Product (NHP) by Health Canada.

Adya, Inc. holds two active Natural Product Numbers (NPN). The first one is for the product Adya Clarity (NPN# 80028256) and the second one is for the raw material that produces Adya Clarity, which is ten times stronger than Adya Clarity (NPN# 80024735).

To verify Adya Clarity’s active NHP license, simply click here and enter the product name Adya Clarity or its NPN#’s into Health Canada’s Natural Health Product Database.

3) Adya Clarity is NOT dissolved in battery acid

One of the more outrageous claims about Adya Clarity is that is similar to battery acid, presumably because of the small amount of sulfuric acid in the product. What you may not know is that there are many FDA approved uses for sulfuric acid, including the manufacture of food starch and modified hop extract used in beer.

Not ALL sulfuric acid is used in making car batteries. The form of sulfuric acid in batteries are Lead (II) Sulphate. That is why battery acid is often called “lead-acid batteries”. Lead is not detected AT ALL – even in the concentrated form of Adya Clarity, Themarox.

If Adya Clarity contained any battery acid that is full of lead, the human clinical trial results would not have shown 40% lead reduction in the blood.

Sulfuric acid is used to extract minerals in biotite, the natural rock from which Adya Clarity is derived. After Adya Clarity is added to water, the concentration of sulfuric acid is 0.0005%. This is 28 times less than what is found in alcoholic beverages, according to FDA’s good manufacturing practice. Because the sulfuric content is so low and it contains approximately 25-33% complex mineral salts, it is not caustic to skin and does not cause any adverse side effects to humans or to the environment.

In contrast, battery acid, which is composed of approximately 30-50% sulfuric acid, is highly corrosive and will burn if it comes in contact with skin. Battery acid causes many other adverse effects as well.

4) Adya Clarity is NOT contaminated by radioactive elements

Five months after the Fukushima accident, the material used to manufacture Adya Clarity (Themarox) was sent for testing. One would expect that the radiation level would be highest in Japan during that time.

The test results showed that radioactive contaminants were not detectable. (Please note that “not detectable” is abbreviated as N.D.)

The lab tests were rigorous and thorough for two reasons:

1. Iodine-131 (I-131), Cesium -134 (Cs-134) and Cesium-137 (Cs-137) were tested. These radioactive elements are of the greatest concerns after the accident, and were examined by the FDA to ensure safety of food imported from Japan.

2. The lower detection limit was set at 10Bq/kg. This value is 20 to 30 times lower than the prescribed safe limits determined by Japan’s Health Ministry. The safe limits for radiation in drinking water were 300Bq/kg for I-131 and 200Bq/kg for radioactive Cesium. This is stated in page 2 of the official document issued by Japan’s Health Ministry.

The US Customs and Border Protection scans for goods imported from Japan and denies contaminated cargos. Adya Clarity has never experienced problem exporting the material to US.

Adya Clarity has passed shipping regulation and has gone through strict lab testing. There is no evidence that radionuclide from the Fukushima incident are present in Adya Clarity.

5) Adya Clarity does not contain “toxic” aluminum.

Every element contained in Adya Clarity is part of a naturally occurring complex. Adya Clarity is derived from biotite, a silicate mineral similar to zeolites, which are aluminosilicates. Silicate minerals make up the largest and most important class of rock-forming minerals, constituting approximately 90% of the Earth’s crust.

Many people are surprised to learn that aluminum is the third most abundant element (after oxygen and silicon) on the Earth’s crust. Aluminum is never found by itself in nature. It is always found combined with other elements; biotite and zeolites are perfect examples of this. These compounds are commonly found in soil, clays, food, and water.

When most people hear the word aluminum, they typically think of the metal form that’s used in the production of packaging, cosmetics, paints, etc. This form of aluminum is certainly not beneficial to the body and has been linked to various negative effects. However, aluminum, like other elements, has many forms. There can be toxic, harmful forms and completely safe, or even beneficial forms. So when considering the safety or toxicity of any element, it’s vital to consider what form it’s in.

As previously stated, every element contained in Adya Clarity is part of a naturally occurring complex, derived from biotite. Naturally occurring aluminum – like that found in biotite – is not the same as the metal form of aluminum for one major reason:

The toxic metal form of aluminum does not occur in nature. Meaning, the metal form of aluminum that is used to make cans, paints, or cosmetic products is absolutely not the same as the aluminum that is naturally found combined with other elements in soil, clays, food, etc. The metal form of aluminum is primarily obtained by extracting aluminum, by itself, from the ore bauxite.

The aluminum found in Adya Clarity does occur in nature. It wasn’t extracted from an ore and added to Adya Clarity. It is part of a natural compound (biotite). It is well known that exposure to aluminum that’s naturally present in soil, clays, food, etc. is not harmful. After all, aluminum is the third most abundant element on earth.

A test conducted by an independent, EPA-certified laboratory demonstrates that 88% of the aluminum in Adya Clarity precipitates out with contaminants after treatment and filtration. See the test results here.

The test proves that after treating and filtering 1 liter of water with 1 ml. of Adya Clarity, there is 0.118 mg. of aluminum left in the water, which is well within the EPA’s recommended levels of 0.05-0.2 mg/L.

A table was provided by Environment Canada, summarizing the mean total aluminum concentration in various foods groups in Canada (Table 2.5). The data was based on a 2 year study conducted between 2000 and 2002.[13]

Here are the most commonly consumed food groups that contain Aluminum.

Mean total aluminum concentration (mg/kg)
Nuts and seeds ————————  2.65
Fish  ————————————   2.16
Fruits and fruit product————-   1.35
Vegetables —————————–   1.21
Soft drinks and alcohol ————–   1.13

This means that the amount of Aluminum in 1kg of vegetables or 1kg of soft drinks is more than what is found in 1L of Adya Clarity Water.

Adya Clarity is a simple yet revolutionary way to detoxify your water and your body

It purifies your drinking water naturally, and restores its natural healing properties and amazing health benefits…

Adya Clarity is not only 100% safe for human consumption, but it is extremely beneficial to your health. It removes pollutants from your body as it nourishes you with essential minerals.

There is no other product out there on the market today that can even come close in comparison to what Adya Clarity does. Adya Clarity will transform your life, bringing you better health and vitality.

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