The Truth About Bottled Water

the truth about bottles water

Bottled Water Costs Consumers and the Environment

Today, bottled water is the choice beverage for many people. With clever marketing by commercial water companies, bottled water is deemed ultra-hygienic, “untouched” and natural. Bottled water consumption is astoundingly high and still rising. 41 billion gallons of bottled water are consumed every year around the world. In Elizabeth Royte’s book Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It, it says that Americans alone use about 1 billion bottles of water a week, or 97 billion gallons each year! China is a close second, with an annual consumption of up to 7.7 billion gallons.

“Bottled water may be an industry winner, but it’s an environmental loser,” Ling Li, fellow with World Watch Institute’s China Program

There are many problems with bottled water, but the most obvious is the fact that you’re paying a lot more compared to the same amount of tap water.

1) Bottled water is very expensive

Bottled water is more expensive than petroleum, and cost 1,600% the price of Singapore’s PUB tap water.

To understand how expensive bottle water is, let’s compare it to petrol. In Singapore, petrol prices are very high at around $1.80 per litre. Yet a litre of bottled water is priced at about $2.40. A full tank of petrol would cost you about $102. If you wanted to fill up that same 15-gallon car tank with bottled water, it would cost you $136!

Comparing with tap water which costs about $0.15 per litre, we are paying about 1,600% the price of regular tap water for the equivalent amount of bottled water! The US Environmental Working Group recommends the public to drink filtered tap water instead. It is cheaper and helps to reduce the global glut of discarded plastic bottles.

2) Bottled water is wasteful

Bottled water is also destructive to the environment considering the staggering amount of waste generated from discarded plastic bottles. Over 60 million water bottles are thrown away each day and only about 10% of these are recycled. The rest of the empty plastic bottles end up in our landfills, lakes, streams and oceans, where they may never fully decompose.

Bottled water waste fossil fuels in production and transport. According to Food and Water Watch, the plastic requires up to 47 million gallons of oil per year to produce, enough to fuel more than a million cars for a year. Eliminating those bottles would be like taking 100,000 cars off the road and 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. [1]

3) Bottled Water is neither safer nor healthier

And if you think water that comes in a bottle is automatically pure, you are going to be disappointed. Many water bottling companies do not disclose their source or purification methods.[2] An independent test performed by the US Environmental Working Group disclosed a total of 38 chemical pollutants in 10 popular brands of bottled water. The contaminants include disinfection byproducts (DBPs), caffeine, Tylenol, nitrate, industrial chemicals, arsenic, and bacteria. [3]

The plastic used to make water bottles often contains chemicals like BPA and phthalates, which are gender-bending, hormone mimicking compounds. These leach from the bottle into the water and then into your body when you consume it. If you leave your water bottle in a hot car or reuse it, your exposure is magnified because heat and stress increase the amount of chemicals that leach out of the plastic. This is concerning because chemicals from plastics even in small concentrations can cause problems such as hyperactivity, increased fat formation, abnormal sexual behaviours, disrupted reproductive cycle and decreased sperm production.

You can have safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, natural drinking water for only 50 cents a day!

There are many water treatment products available, but Adya Clarity gives you the safest and most healthy mineralized water for only pennies a day.

Adya Clarity Water Purification Technology

Adya Clarity is a revolutionary water purification system that is as old as the Earth itself. Using nature’s own water healing blueprint, harmful contaminants are effectively removed, without electricity or any waste of water. And because it works with nature, there is no harmful by-products. Nor does it create imbalances within the body unlike many water treatment methods. Adya Clarity is an all natural mineral extract that has the innate ability to transform our ordinary tap water into the most healing and natural water on the planet. It does not simply remove deadly toxins from our water, but re-structures and oxygenates it, and supplies more than 60 essential life-giving minerals necessary for healing and robust health.

Eliminate harmful waste. Refuse expensive bottled water of questionable quality. Create your own healing spring water with Adya Clarity, a natural water technology, for such a time as this.

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