The Truth About Mineral Deficiencies & Health

Mineral Deficiencies & Health

The Root of All Disease is Mineral Deficiencies

“Mineral deficiency has been the cause of all of these modern day diseases and life style illnesses.”

Hisatake Nojima, M.D, Mineral Deficiency & Illnesses

We are minerals

King Solomon of Ancient Israel, the wisest man that ever lived once said, “All are from the dust, and to dust all return.” Perhaps we are more closely connected with the earth than we think. If we indeed comes from the dust of the Earth, then we are but minerals.

It is a fact that man requires minerals for his existence. All other living things have the same requirement. All minerals come from the earth’s soil. As plants grow, minerals are absorbed from the soil through their root systems. Non-living minerals from the earth are then transformed inside the plants cells into “living” minerals which our bodies can utilize.

Minerals are extremely important for our well-being, yet few of us know or care about the importance of these essential building blocks. Without minerals, there will be no life on earth. Minerals are required for every bio-chemical and enzymatic activity within our body. Without minerals neither vitamin nor enzyme would benefit.

Mineral Deficiencies in our Food

However studies are revealing startling evidence of nutritional deficiencies in our foods today due to impoverished soils. Plants manufacture proteins, vitamins and essential fatty acids from the minerals they receive from the earth. Deficient soils lead to inferior foods lacking in nutrients. The result is a significant decline in the people’s health, evidenced by the proliferation of degenerative diseases. Elmer G. Heinrich, author of the excellent book The Root of All Disease concluded that “The lack of minerals is the root of all disease.”

Many of the world’s current populations suffer mineral deficiencies.

New research from several well recognized research teams suggest that the nutritional value of modern foods is collapsing. The research warns of imminent approaching danger.

A study on the mineral depletion of foods, conducted over 51 years by two prominent English Doctors and Food Scientists, R.A. McCance and E.M. Widdowson showed a definite decline in food nutrient content for a selective group of fruits, vegetables and meats. From 1940 to 1991, carrots have lost 75% of their Magnesium, 48% of their Calcium, 46% of their Iron and 75% of their Copper while potatoes have lost 30% of their Magnesium, 35% of their Calcium, 45% of their Iron and 47% of their Copper. Moreover in 1991, the Copper content of tomatoes is only 10% of what was formerly available in 1940.[1]

In a lecture entitled ‘Who stole America’s health?’ Dr Erwin Gemmer outlined the shocking decline in the nutritional value of our food.[2] For instance, wheat was 90 percent protein in 1900, but that was down to only 9 percent by 1995. In other words, one would have to eat 10 slices of bread to get the nutrients formerly available in just one slice.

In 1948, spinach had 150 mg of iron per 100 grams. In 1965, that was reduced to 27 mg of iron per 100 grams. In 1973, there was 2.2 mg of iron per 100 grams and the level is now suspected to be less than 1mg. It was pointed out that Popeye the sailor man, famous cartoon protagonist of the early 1950s would now have to chomp down 148 cans of spinach to get the same amount of iron and energizing effects he had 50 years ago from just one can.

Modern Diseases Are Caused By Mineral Deficiencies

While billions of the tax payers’ money is thrown into sundry tests and researches in the name of finding treatments for modern day diseases such as diabetes and malignant tumours, Japanese doctor Hisatake Nojima, M.D. maintains such diseases are caused by minerals deficiencies. Address mineral deficiencies and we can combat modern diseases.

A study of vegetarians who eat only plant foods found that their food is dangerously low in mineral content especially zinc. It showed that even massive vegetable food intake is insufficient to prevent a great variety of conditions and diseases that are caused by mineral deficiency. These include impaired immunity, allergies, skin conditions, depressions, frequent flu and colds, autism, mental conditions and cancers.

How did the rich farmlands in the world become the mineral deficient wasteland of poor nutrition today?

Here are the main culprits:

1) Over farming

Farmers, discarding traditional farming methods which involved crop rotation and fallowing, often farmed the land continually without putting anything back to the point where the land could no longer support any crops at all.

2) Chemical Fertilizers Present Only Three Kinds Of Soil Minerals

Scientists created chemical fertilizers, which comprise mainly of nitrates (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K). However, N, P and K are just 3 of the 50 plus minerals that people and animals need. The truth is that while NKP fertilizers results in healthy looking crops, they are lacking in many essential nutrients.

3) Soil Micro Organisims Destroyed

NKP fertilizers are highly acidic. The microorganisms that change soil minerals into a form that plants can use cannot survive in acidic soil and without these microbes, minerals are unavailable to plants. Some farmers add calcium and magnesium to the soil to neutralize it, but that result in the depletion of manganese and other trace minerals.

4) Cancer Causing Nitrates in Plant Tissues Similar to those in Cigarette Smoke

NKP fertilizers present large doses of nitrogen which affect the protein quality of the plants. Additionally, when nitrogen level exceeds what the plant need for photosynthesis, the excess gets stored away as nitrates in plant tissues. When eaten, these nitrates can be converted to cancer causing substances similar to that found in cured meat and cigarette smoke. [3]

5) Long Storage Leads to Loss of Nutrients

Most of today’s fruits, vegetables and grains are stored for long periods of time before being sold, and may be stored for an even longer time after purchase before being eaten. Many vitamins breakdown significantly over time.

6) Pesticides + Herbicides + Fungicides —-> Suicide?

Application of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides during growth alters plant metabolism that adversely affects the nutrient content of the plants. Moreover, the plants become highly toxic and unsafe for consumption.

In short, destructive soil management practices and farming methods carried out to increase yield and profits have resulted in such poor food quality that it has become a necessity to supplement in order to remain healthy. Recently, the Journal of American Medical Association stated that doctors should recommend all patients including healthy ones to routinely take vitamins and mineral supplementation.

FIve Essential Steps to Overcoming Mineral Deficiencies and Combating Diseases

Step 1: Choose Organic Foods

As far as it is possible, eat a wide variety of organic foods grown on mineral rich soils. Besides being higher in mineral and vitamin content, they have less toxic chemical residues. Whole organic grains, nuts and seeds, good quality fish and meats are other good sources of minerals.

Step 2: Ditch Refined Demineralized Foods

Avoid demineralized foods including white flour, white rice, white sugar, refined ‘table’ salt and all artificial or chemical foods.
Step 3: Maintain High Level Of Stomach Acids

Healthy levels of acids in the stomach will help to absorb more minerals from the food we eat. Avoid drinking copious amounts of alkaline water which will weaken our stomach acids. If necessary take probiotics, enzyme supplements or other digestive aids to ensure that food is broken down thoroughly so as to obtain the most minerals from the food.

Step 4: Eat Lots Of Sea Vegetable

Sea vegetables such as kelp, nori and wakami are rich in minerals as well as iodine content. Include them regularly in your meals. If desired, take a full spectrum plant derived mineral supplement. Beware of colloidal mineral supplements derived from ‘earth deposits’. These are impossible to absorb into the body and can cause other problems such as heavy metal toxicity and calcification.

Step 5: Drink Clean Mineral Water

Drink clean mineral water from a good natural source or created your own mineral water from filtered tap water using Adya Clarity ionic sulphate mineral extract. It contains one of nature’s most complete matrix of over 80 soluble minerals. When your body is sufficiently nourished, it will heal and rejuvenate. There will be a reversal of disease conditions and you will have a healthy and youthful body.

Address mineral deficiencies with Adya Clarity mineral extract which contains a full spectrum of bioavailable minerals to support excellent health.

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