Why Adya

Why Adya

Adya Clarity Water Purification System Removes Harmful Contaminants from Tap Water Better Than The Leading Water Filtration Brands


“Adya technology is based on replenishing an essential mineral complex that is responsible for keeping our fresh waters clean and also maintaining balance in all living ecosystems.”
                                                        Matt Bakos, Adya Clarity Founder

Adya Clarity revolutionizes water purification. It works with nature to bring ordinary tap water back into it most healing and pristine state. Without the use of intense magnetism or electricity, Adya restores water to its 4th phase, reduces the size of water clusters, pushes out contaminants and enhances the water’s ability to hydrate and detoxify.

Unlike modern water purification techniques, Adya Clarity works according to nature’s unchanging laws that enhance life and do no harm to the body or the environment. The result is clean, pure, structured, oxygenated mineral water that supports healing and vibrant good health.

There are numerous harmful contaminants and chemicals additives in our water and it is not safe to drink water from the tap without first purifying it.


There are different forms of fluoride, and the one put in drinking water is usually hydrofluosilicic acid. Fluoride is a dangerous poison and a by-product of the fertilizer industry. It has been added to our water system on the grounds that it is good for the developing teeth of children. However, a large scale study conducted in 1986-1987 involving over 39000 children showed no difference in tooth decay from using fluoridated water or non-fluoridated water(1).

Fluoride is an enzyme and it inhibits the action of certain hormones in our body, affecting the nervous and digestive systems. It is a major cause of brittle bone and teeth and can cause damage to the brain and kidney. Dental fluorosis, a condition caused by overexposures to fluorides, produces mottled enamel with white, gray or brown spots on the teeth — a direct result of fluoride-induced iodine deficiency during the time of enamel formation. Drinking fluoridated water has also been linked to decrease in I.Q in children(2) as well as cancers.

Adya Clarity was found to trap nearly 100% of fluoride contaminants.


Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant used in municipal water treatment to kill harmful microorganisms. However, chlorine destroys friendly bacteria in the gut that are central to a healthy immune system. It reacts with natural substances already dissolved in the water, to form Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs) such as trihalomethanes, which are even more toxic than chlorine itself. Many of these unintended byproducts are linked to damaging effects to heart, lung, kidney and central nervous system.(3) Drinking chlorinated water is also associated with increased risk of bladder and rectal cancers.(4)

Adya products remove 100% of chlorine and reduce chloramine and trihalomethanes to below detectable limits in water.


Pharmaceuticals are synthetic chemicals that can be found in prescription medicines, over-the-counter therapeutic drugs and veterinary drugs. These include antibiotics, anti-depressants, steroids, contraceptives and chemotherapy agents. Advances in analytical techniques and instrumentation account for the increase in detection of these drugs in our water. They enter the environment and into our water supply through sewage leakages, surface runoff from landfill sites and inadequately treated water. Current conventional water treatment is not able to completely eliminate all these drugs.

As pharmaceutical drugs are designed to be biologically active, there has been rising concerns regarding the potential risks to human health from ingesting even tiny amounts of such chemicals via our drinking water.(5)

Adya products reduce 36 different pharmaceuticals and basic (OTC) drugs in water by 99.5%.

Pesticides, Fungicides and other chemical Pollutants

Pesticides and fungicides also end up in our water supply as runoffs from fields where vegetation are sprayed and treated, including farms and golf courses. Frequent fogging carried out in residential areas and housing estates for pest control also contribute to water pollution. Particulate and chemicals from car exhaust due to our heavy traffic also end up in our water canals, washed in by our frequent, heavy tropical rains.

Adya products reduce 79 herbicides, fungicides and insecticides in water.

Adya Clarity was also found to decrease more than 80 VOCs to undetectable limits in water.

Heavy Metals

Corrosion of plumbing materials and pipe connections can add dangerous substances such as lead into our water. Most tap water is polluted with heavy metals such as lead, aluminium, mercury and arsenic. They can accumulate in your body and affect your brain function, wreak havoc on your nervous system, cause insomnia and make you terribly sick over time.

In a 30 day human clinical study, Adya Clarity was found to reduce accumulated Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, and Aluminium in the human body by an average of 42%.

BPA & Plastics

Use of cheap, plastic plumbing pipes also poses a problem as they leach hazardous plastic by-products such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates into the water. Scientists have voiced concerns about these chemicals disrupting our bodies’ hormones. Recent studies link them to a variety of fertility problems in men and women(6) and obesity in children.(7)

Adya Clarity was found to reduce Bisphenol A (BPA) by 99.5%.


Typically, water suppliers add disinfectants, such as chlorine, to drinking water in an effort to help control disease-causing microbes. However, disinfection may be difficult as certain microbes are exceedingly resistant to conventional disinfection practices. Microorganisms may contaminate water through human and animal fecal waste.

Adya Clarity was found to kill four types of bacteria commonly present in water: Escherichia coli, Enterobacter cloacae, Protus mirablis and Pseudomonos aeuginosa.

Use Adya Clarity to turn your tap water into pristine, great tasting water! Order your Adya water purification products here!


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