Lab Test Reports

Here you’ll find a list of scientific lab test reports done on Adya Clarity black mica extract, validating its ability to remove toxic chemical and biological contaminants from your water, as well as structuring water.

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1) Heavy Metal 30 Days Study

In a 30 day human clinical study, Adya Clarity was found to reduce accumulated Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, and Aluminium in the human body by an average of 42%.

2) 4-Methyl-1-Cyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) Reduction Test

On January 9, 2014, approximately 10,000 US gal (38,000 L) of impure MCHM leaked from a storage tank near the banks of the Elk River near Charleston, West Virginia (U.S.), from where an undetermined amount entered the river and was taken into the local water system.

Adya Clarity has been proven to take out 99.99% of 4-Methyl-1-cyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) from water after adding Adya Clarity and passing the water through a simple coffee filter.

3) Fluoride Reduction Test

Adya Clarity was found to trap nearly 100% of fluoride contaminants

4) Hexavalent Chromium Reduction Test

Adya Clarity was found not only to reduce Hexavalent Chromium below EPA Standards, but also converts it to chromium-3, an essential dietary element for humans.

5) Volatile Organic Compounds Reduction Test

Adya Clarity was found to decrease more than 80 VOCs to undetectable limits in water.

6) Bacteria Reduction Test

Adya Clarity was found to kill four types of bacteria commonly present in water: Escherichia coli, Enterobacter cloacae, Protus mirablis and Pseudomonos aeuginosa

In a specific lake in California, the E-coli population of that lake was about 100,000 colonies per one mL and the Coliform population was double that.

After the appropriate amounts of highly concentrated Black Mica extract was poured into the lake, The E-coli went from 100,000 parts per ml to only 10 per ml and the Coliform went from 200,000 per ml to only 20 colonies per ml.

Ecoli reduction with adya clarity

Black Mica essentially removed 99.99% of the top two invading bacteria in this body of water.

7) Chlorine Reduction Test

Adya Clarity was found to reduce chlorine contaminants by 100%.

8) Chloramine Reduction Test

Adya Clarity was found to reduce chloramine contamination contamination below detectable limits.

9) Chemical Reduction Test

Adya Clarity was found to reduce Bisphenol A (BPA) in the pharmaceutical section – 99.5% reduction.

10) Structured Water Test

This test is from the strongest spectrometer that the EPA has. It had to be sent to a special EPA facility to get tested. Adya tests very high which means it is phase 4/structured water. The structure in the water is what allows for a higher UV light absorption capability. When light can penetrate the water, this means the water is unstructured. When light is absorbed(light cannot penetrate), it’s a sign the water is structured.

11) Radiation Test

Iodine 131 (I-131) – N.D. (non-detectable)
Cesium 134 (Cs-134) – N.D. (non-detectable)
Cesium 136 (Cs-136) – N.D. (non-detectable)
Cesium 137 (Cs-137) – N.D. (non-detectable)

12) Heavy Metal 90 Day Test

In a 90 day clinical trial study, Adya Clarity was found to reduce: Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, and harmful Aluminum in the human body by an average of 82%. In addition intracellular hydration was increased by 32%.

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