“Adya water cleared my pain away and give me back my life”

“Adya Clarity Water has allowed me to return to a normal, vibrant lifestyle. From being unable to walk more than 15 minutes without limping, then if pushing myself more I would need to rest for 24 hours with my legs up. Constant pain in bed, tossing and turning. Now no pain. No prescribed medications or herbal products were able to help me. Adya Clarity water cleared my pain away and gave me back my life.”

Isabelle Dussault, Toronto, Ontario


“Lost 5kq without even trying”

“I lost 5kg in less than a month without even trying. I had so much problems losing weight even while serving the National Service with daily military training. My mother had been battling adult acne for a long time. A few weeks with Adya Clarity in our water and she regained her clear, smooth complexion. Thank you.”

Isaac Tan, Singapore


“Body aches and pains have just disappeared!”

“What I notice most is that the body aches and pains have just disappeared in the months I’ve been drinking this water. I had been nearly incapacitated with back and leg pain, which had also kept me awake at night. That is now completely gone and I feel better than I have in years.”

Linda Hensley


“Increased stamina and performance.”

“I have been using Adya Clarity for sometime and have noticed increased stamina and overall well being. I am currently training for a marathon and have notice that it has helped my performance. In addition, I have, in the past a history of upset stomach and constipation. Since I began to take Adya, I have had less stomach upsets and more regular bowel movements. Clearly my general well being has improved.”

Cindy C. Pasadena, CA


“No more constipation, sinus migraines, fatigue and anemic.”

“I suffer from constant bloating, constipation, sinus migraines and allergies, troubled sleep, and sever fatigue associated with anemia.”

“After only 2 days of drinking at least 1/2 gallon of water each day treated with Adya minerals the constipation completely disappeared and has not returned as I continue to drink the water each day. Bloating disappeared along with the constipation. Within a month I was no longer fatigued nor anemic (which eliminated taking those nasty iron pills.)”

“Additionally I have not suffered from sinus migraines and my spring and fall allergy symptoms are nearly non-existent. My entire family drinks water treated with Adya minerals. My children no longer take juice boxes in their lunches…they choose water and they choose it on their own. More importantly, colds and flues are less frequent and when a member of the family does get a cold the symptoms only last for a few days versus a week or two.”

Rose J. Burlington, MI


“Period for the first time in 6 years.”

“Just wanted to share my experience with Adya Clarity. I am a 40 year old female and ever since going off birth control pills 6 years ago I had not had a menstrual cycle. My diet has been pretty much the same for the last 8 months, no real changes, except 4 weeks ago, I started drinking this water. Thanksgiving morning I was surprised to find that I started my period for the first time in 6 years!

“I also have no tartar on my lower anterior teeth which is totally out of the norm for me. Just thought I’d share with you. Take care and thank you for all you do.”

Marla A. Boca Raton, FL


“My face cleared up from being constantly inflamed and itchy to not a single breakout!”

“About 8 months ago I went on a high raw diet while getting off birth control, my face went from having regular minor breakouts (caused by the birth control method of my choice) to being constantly inflamed and itchy. The itch was an ever-present reminder that my face looked like an orange peal in most p|aces. l tried everything! Facial care, lots of green juice, cut down on fruit (although couldn’t do without it completely).”

“Some changes yield minor results, but breakouts still kept on reoccurring all the time. I got a 3 pack Adya Clarity and within a week of drinking the water my face cleared up, not a single breakout.”

“To my amazement. my skin felt smooth again! Eight months of trial and error and then it took a week for my problem to disappear just like that! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Natalie B. Providence, RI


“Decade old back pain gone after 3 to 4 days.”

“Just so you know I have had lower back pain for over a decade, I have been to chiropractors, had scans done, taken MSM nothing had worked.”

“Just three or four days of drinking this water and my back pain is gone. Wow changed my life. Thank you so much for you guys introducing me to such an amazing product. Peace!”



“Have not had one lung infection since starting on this water.”

The most dramatic thing noticed after a short time using the Adya minerals was that I have not had any lung infections. I used to get horrible lung infections about three times a year usually developing into bronchitis or walking pneumonia. I have not had one lung infection since I started drinking this water.

Since September of 2008, I started a strict regiment of drinking at least a gallon of water a day. Since then I’ve lost over thirty-five pounds. I went from one of those guys with the hard beach ball belly to having a flattened stomach that is soft again. It really seems as though these minerals have activated my digestion system, allowing me to move things out, an issue I had in the past.

My consciousness levels as well as my mental clarity have improved a great deal. I feel like a whole new person both physically and mentally. I definitely see things much differently than I used to. My concentration levels are much higher and my anxiety levels are much lower. These minerals have made my body, mind and spirit function on a whole new level.

I thank God that Adya minerals were introduced into my family’s life. We are much more healthy and better off because of them.”

Gardy Bandfied, Toledo, OH


“I just don’t get sick.”

“I’ve been drinking the water with minerals for 5 years now. I just don’t get sick! I’m a senior in high school, work 2 jobs 7 nights a week and play hockey.”

Dillon, Clyde, MI


“My skin is clearer and smoother”

“My skin is clearer and smoother since I have been using Adya Clarity and discolorations are disappearing. I’m so happy to have found this great product.”

Ted Jones


“My goldfish is 10 years old.”

“I’ve been drinking adya clarity for years and just love the product but the most amazing thing is how it has affected my goldfish.

This fish is 10 years old and it’s survival is because of the adya clarity. The fish was fine for about 4 years and then got black fungus all over it’s body. I put a large amount of the adya clarity in it’s water and within a week it was perfect! I have since added it to his water and he has been perfect since then.”

Brenda Pasternak


“We heal a lot quicker”

“We’ve been using Adya Clarity for several years now. Whenever we feel unwell we add Adya Clarity to the water we drink.

Apart from the water tasting so much better, we have noticed that whenever we do that we heal a lot quicker, whether it’s a headache, or flu, or a cold. It’s even been helpful with food poisoning.

I even use it for my animals, when they have stomach problems, and they love t sip up the water and improve within a very short time. My kids sometimes ask for water with Adya Clarity in it, just because it tastes so much better.”

Silvia Berglas


“My first unassisted and painless bowel movement in six months.”

“I’m happy to hear from you, I’ve wanted to contact you to let you know how happy I am with Adya Clarity. Twenty four hours after I installed my water system and drank several glasses of water, I experienced my first unassisted and painless bowel movement in six months.

I believe due to the fact that my treated water was being better absorbed by my body to hydrate me. I saw the results of better hydration in my facial skin, which looks fuller and plumper, filling out tiny lines on my face. My lips are not chapping everyday as before, I live in the mountains with extremely dry air, so lip chapping is common. I’m in my 70’s and I believe adequate body hydration is a problem for older people.”

Ila Buscaino


“Shaking stopped, came off antidepressants, and started remembering things.”

“I was on all sorts of antidepressants and anxiety medication until something larger than myself came along and made impossible for me to be on medication anymore.

Within days (of water with Adya) the terrible trembling i was suffering was gone, within weeks I was able to successfully come off the antidepressants, and soon I had my mind and my heart open up. I am able remember things, say hello to people, interact with my neighbors, not be so fearful and do it all without shaking. So thank you for giving me this great gift! Bless You!”

Janyne Golia

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